Letter to the Editor: A few thoughts on the wonderful weather


Has there ever been such a stretch of weather in August?

The squirrels have gone into overdrive high up in the hickory trees; the rabbits down the lane are breeding like, well, rabbits; swallowtails are all over the butterfly bushes; hummingbirds prefer fresh blossoms to our sugar water; the deer (including a spiked buck coming into his muscles like a growing teenage boy) walk across the yard as slowly as bored kids taking a short cut to the store.

We have seen the same black bear twice this summer — 50 pounds heavier and even quieter on his large padded feet — both times ambling down our driveway. Our own Yard Crawl, and free.

Crows bicker like spoiled siblings or old married couples, while our resident hawk checks out the playful rabbits. Every planting and wild flower is competing with its animal cousins for attention, while up behind the house our modest herb garden puts its best face forward — muted tones with dust chosen with the matron’s eye for subtle art. The mind reels to think what is going on out of sight up in the woods. Autumn will come soon enough, but for now its Mardi Gras before Ash Wednesday.

Breathless CNN updates, Rolex watches, Libertarians who think selfishness is something new, even Egypt in her throes — all can wait a bit.

Martin Lawson, Fort Valley