Letter to the Editor: Bill O’Reilly should just move to Alaska


Bill O’Reilly makes me laugh. In his latest column, “Last frontier a chilly place for the president,” he expresses his great admiration for Alaskans, characterizing them as “rugged individualists” who firmly embrace capitalism. They work hard and eschew the president’s “big government colossus … doling out entitlements.”

What he glibly calls the oil industry kicking in “some money for the folks” really means that all Alaskans receive a check from the state government every year. This year, according to the Huffington Post, each Alaskan citizen will receive a check for $1,174, which represents each person’s share of the state’s oil revenue. To my mind, that’s a government handout of more than just a few bucks.

O’Reilly also believes that dirt roads, harsh weather and wild animals bring out the best in people. He opines about the virtues of a place where no one wears a jacket and tie and where almost everyone totes a gun. He bemoans the disappearance of simpler way of life where people didn’t need so much government “meddling.”

The fact is that way of life is disappearing. Most people in this country today live in cities or the suburbs of cities. Mostly, we don’t have to contend with surviving brutal winters or being eaten by bears. Most of our roads are paved. We don’t need Marlboro men.

What we do need are reasonable people in our government. People who are willing to come together and compromise so that we can solve the problems we face today and tomorrow: training our workforce for modern jobs, repairing our aging infrastructure, reducing carbon emissions to mitigate climate change, etc.

I have one question for O’Reilly: if it’s really so great in Alaska and so bad here, why don’t you just chuck it all and move there?

Laurel Vaughan, Woodstock