Letter to the Editor: Elect Bailey, Shruntz this November


On Nov. 5, citizens of Districts 1, 4, and 5 within Shenandoah County will go to the polls and cast their ballot for the candidates of these districts.

I am happy that no one entered the race against Supervisor Dick Neese in the New Market District 1 area. I would like to wish him all the best in his continued efforts to improve Shenandoah County.

This year, the main focus is on two other districts and which candidate will be elected to each. Cindy Bailey, who is seeking the District 4 Woodstock area candidacy for supervisor, and Marsha Shruntz, who is seeking the District 5 Maurertown, Toms Brook, and Cedar Creek area candidacy for superviso, are who I am supporting.

My main reason for supporting these two great individuals is very simple: they want to cut spending, and along with that cut taxes. Candidates like Bailey and Shruntz will stand up and fight with you and work for you to make Shenandoah County a better place to live. Both are passionate about helping improve this county and preventing the continued wasteful spending that the current Board of Supervisors is doing today.

Our beautiful Shenandoah Valley is like an expanding balloon being filled with helium. The balloon can only hold so much until it bursts. Ladies and gentleman, with the current supervisors on the board, and the wasteful spending that is happening, our beautiful county is like that expanding balloon. We are about to burst and we can’t afford it!

I ask all citizens in the Woodstock area to elect Bailey for District 4 supervisor and citizens in Maurertown,Toms Brook, and Cedar Creek, I ask that you cast your ballot for Shruntz for District 5 supervisor. And my words to the Board of Supervisors is this: stop spending and start cutting! Bailey and Shruntz will stop wasteful spending and do this county a lot of good. It’s time to make things right again and stop the bleeding that is being done by the current Board of Supervisors.

Matthew Frye, Edinburg