Letter to the Editor: Election for supervisors is an important one


As citizens of Shenandoah County, I’m sure that you are very much aware of the upcoming election for Board of Supervisors this November. However, I am not so sure that every member of this county is aware of the importance of this election, and the implications that could come from making the wrong decision on the ballot.

I am not going to try and sound like I know all about politics or how to run a county, however, what I do know is that you cannot spend more money than you have, and this is a simple concept that our current supervisors fail to understand.

In order to make up for our supervisors’ outrageous and inappropriate spending, we will all be dealt a huge blow when our taxes sky rocket. As taxes increase, every single person and small business is going to suffer as the job market continues to deplete.

As a young college student fairly close to graduation, I am very concerned about the job market. I love Shenandoah County, but there are no job options for me, or anyone else for that matter, in this area, and the future does not look promising. Although the checks will soon be written for the ridiculous spending projects, the damage can be minimized. This November, residents living in districts 4 and 5 can vote to elect Cindy Bailey and Marsha Shruntz to the board.

I have personally met both of these ladies, and they are dedicated and committed to restoring the financial stability in this county. I’m unable to vote in the election since I live outside their districts, but I urge all who are eligible to get out and vote this November.

I also want to challenge all young people to take this election seriously. The spending and tax increases will not only affect our parents. If we keep electing the same supervisors to continue on their paths of destructive spending, our generation will be paying off their debt as well. The time for change is now, and the importance of this election cannot be stressed enough.

Kelsey L. Wakeman, Edinburg