Letter to the Editor: Fair treatment of animals?


It’s time for the fair! Many people will go to enjoy the “healthy” food, the car crashes, the seed-spitting contest, and of course the animals! What would a fair be without the animals?

Kids will pounce on terrified “greased” pigs while the crowds hoot and yell their approval. People will bring in their prize heifers, goats, pigs etc. for show and a possible ribbon while the masses continue using animals for amusement; after all “they are just animals” (as some people are quick to remind us).

Personally, I have a difficult time understanding how anyone can lovingly tend to these creatures, work with them so closely, only to send them off to the slaughterhouse!

As a child I use to go to the fair to see the animals, but I didn’t realize (then) that they never get back home. Needless to say, I don’t participate in this anymore, and no, I don’t eat them either.

Diana Snarr, Strasburg