Letter to the Editor: Keystone pipeline


I just received an email from Congressman Goodlatte commiserating about how long we’ve been waiting for the president to approve the Keystone pipeline: 1,800 days, Goodlatte says.

Then he says, “We need to support policies that will encourage exploration and innovation that will result in lower energy prices for consumers and ultimately make America stronger. My question for President Obama and the Senate is: how much longer will American jobs and energy security have to wait?”

Does Goodlatte not know that farmers and ranchers are fighting the taking of their land by TransCanada for this pipeline? Does he not know that folks are suing states for granting imminent domain rights without showing the public benefits? Is he so out of touch with the rest of us that he is insensitive to our concerns that a foreign corporation has been given imminent domain rights to take land away from us for this pipeline?

As a Virginian, does he not know that we just voted to pass a constitutional amendment that says It’s unlawful to take away our land for private gain? As a congressman, you would think he would know there is no benefit to this country by building this pipeline. Any benefits gained would be corporate profits. The permanent jobs would be few. The refined fuel would be shipped out of this country and would not affect our gas prices.

You would think he would know these things, but instead he says the pipeline “will result in lower energy prices for consumers and ultimately make America strong.”

Why, does he do this? Why is he asking me to support a Canadian corporation taking American land so it can make money?

You do not have to believe me. Just look at what TransCanada has done to the pristine forests and waterways in Canada. Do a little looking around to find out what Midwest landowners are saying about this pipeline, not to mention what Native Americans are saying about it crossing their reservations. Is he really that out of touch and insensitive to Virginians and the American people?

Michael Cash, Fort Valley