Letter to the Editor: Nation will benefit if we stand up as Christians


In regards to recent letters in this paper concerning the church in Front Royal pastored by Terry Keaton dropping Boy Scout Crew 247, I am totally confused. I read Terry Keaton’s letter assuming they dropped support of the Scouting program because the Boy Scouts made a decision to not allow gay leaders but allow youngsters who might be gay to continue in Scouting.

According to a letter written by G.A. Settle on July 29, he took it to be they dropped Crew 247 because of allowing any homosexuals in Scouting all together. I think it very interesting and truthful the comments about Gene Rigelon’s stand on the matter in regards to moral standards. I take it that Rigelon is a non-believer of the Bible.

Either way you take it, it was wrong to drop the support of the Scouting program. I highly support the Boy Scouts’ stand to allow a youngster to remain as a Scout but not allow an adult to be a leader if gay. A youngster at this age is vulnerable and could be led the wrong way. An adult, on the other hand, has made that decision. The Bible clearly states that homosexuality is a sin and that is that.

I had the distinct honor to attend a ceremony on July 28 and see two young men get the Eagle Scout award. That is indeed a sight to behold. The words God and country can be used in the same sentence. Our God, our country and Scouting were all honored. The ceremony was held in a church as well. This country can be brought back if we all stand up as Christians and be counted.

Earl Cutlip, Strasburg