Letter to the Editor: Opinion contradicted by facts


Many readers assume that what is written by a syndicated columnist (left or right) is factual. Wrong! Bad assumption!

On July 29, Jonah Goldberg, in his column “Which of the scandals are phony, Mr. Cynic-in-Chief?” asserted that “During (Obama’s) first two years in office, his party controlled both houses of Congress and rammed through its agenda.” Not true.

I remind readers that for better or for worse, to control the Senate you need 60 votes. The results of the election of 2008 for the Senate seat from Minnesota were contested. As a result. Democrat Al Franken was not sworn in until June 7, 2009. His vote gave Democrats control of the Senate. Unfortunately for the Democrats, Ted Kennedy died on Aug. 25, 2009, and was replaced by Republican Scott Brown. Therefore, for those of you who care and can count, the U.S. Senate was “controlled” by the Democrats for only 79 days during the first two years of the Obama presidency.

As for Democrats ramming through their agenda, I challenge you to name a single piece of significant legislation other than maybe Obamacare that was “rammed through” Congress in the first two years of Obama’s presidency. And Obamacare was “rammed through” if you want to call it that with significant majorities in the House (219 to 212) and Senate (60 to 39).

Waller H. Wilson, Front Royal