Letter to the Editor: Opinions offered on Pitts column, Cash letter


I read the reports in your newspaper of Aug. 6 and immediately developed my opinion on both:

1. I agree completely with the view of columnist Leonard Pitts about the Fox News interview of Reza Aslan, author of “Zealot,” a search for the historicity of the rabbi who founded the biggest religion on Earth. The obvious aim of the interviewer, Lauren Green of Fox News, was to elevate her stature among the hatemongers of television interviewers. I read Zealot.” I agree with Pitts.

2. Fort Valley’s Michael Cash asks us if Ken Cuccinelli and E.W. Jackson, the Republican candidates for governor and lieutenant governor of Virginia, would be great leaders. My unhappy answer is absolutely no! I was there for the founding of the Republican Party in Virginia some 50 years ago. This is, or might be, the end. I am simply ashamed of both candidates, but more of the misguided delegates at the Republican convention.

Joe Swiger, Front Royal