Letter to the Editor: Our foreign policy is in shambles


We are witnessing the Arab Spring version 3.0. Beware the world we are now leaving to our kids. The headlines can’t keep up as the number of dead rises in Egypt — the lynchpin for stability in the Middle East.

Our foreign policy is in shambles. Yet the president’s disinterest is plain as he enjoys vacation on the links at Martha’s Vineyard. He will probably take a Mulligan with each swing as he always does politically. And why not? A slavish press is keeping score for him!

Our secretary of state is just as inept as his predecessor — only distinguishable from her by his ridiculously bad facelift. Perhaps there’s another previously unseen Internet video he can blame.

To his credit, the president did find the time to issue a taped announcement to lecture Egypt and the rest of world over the merits of constitutional democracy. The irony of that is not lost at this address.

“Leading from behind”‘ means that we collectively get continuously kicked in the behind. The world no longer respects us; our allies cannot rely upon us. We will no doubt be paying for this new paradigm with our treasure and blood.

The continuing rise of the Muslim Brotherhood — the political arm of international radical Islam — is almost unstoppable now. This, too, will be at immeasurable but certain cost to us!

A philosophical exercise when growing up in the 1960s was: ‘If you could go back 30 years, would you do whatever it took to stop Hitler?’ Most everyone would answer in the affirmative. We’ve now lived the scenario anew — and have utterly failed ourselves and the world.

The only clear-and-present danger we seem to recognize is what legal troubles lie ahead for the Real Housewives of Jersey. Jail time and heavy fines? The horror!

And there’s that demand for a Secret Service investigation of a rodeo clown.

Distractions allow for the status quo.

Honest citizens often suffer personal invective and slander whenever pointing out the obvious: The resultant mess is on President Obama — and on the rest of us for enabling him.

Dan Flathers, Toms Brook