Letter to the Editor: Taxi ordinance would protect citizens


I believe that Front Royal needs to have a strong taxi ordinance to protect its citizens.

Criminals take every opportunity given to perpetuate their crimes and being hired as a taxi driver provides them with not only employment, but direct access to information that can allow them to commit crimes against our citizens.

Allowing a taxi driver with a history of criminal behavior to have the opportunity to learn the habits of many of our most vulnerable citizens places those citizens at risk. Single mothers, battered women, and the elderly frequently use taxi services to get around, and this gives those drivers access to these people’s habits and knowledge of where they live.

Additionally, taxi drivers should be tested for drugs as a requirement for employment. Taxi companies should have clean, reliable equipment, not dirty, junker looking vehicles with the company’s name hand painted on it like a first grader had done so.

With a move taking place to clean up our community and make it attractive to those visiting our area, the last thing we need is for our taxi services to give the impression that just about anyone could be allowed to shuttle our citizens and visitors around town. Personally, I would be ashamed to allow a company that leaves the public with a bad impression the right to conduct business in our town.

Steven Richey, Front Royal