Letter to the Editor: The president’s errors


I wish to point out the president’s errors in the past months.

First, the president’s lack of movement. I mean, the fact that he says he’ll do something and then doesn’t do it. Like Syria, he said he drew the line with chemical warfare, but let it slide after it happened. Then he said he couldn’t do anything.

Or the fact he said he would take down debt, then tripled it.

He has a serious lack of judgment. He has said something, forgotten about it and made it worse.

I disagree with a lot of his views. Obamacare is made badly, welfare is too good. In fact, let me get into the subject of welfare — people get too much from it. Able-bodied men waste time. If you watch Fox News, you’ve probably seen the episode about the young surfer who was going to go to a good college, but instead decided to live off taxpayers dollars. He spends all day surfing, eating seafood and partying.

Zachary S. Karnes, Front Royal