Letter to the Editor: Unions have outlived original purpose


Years ago, employees were compelled to work long hours in factories with no consideration for their welfare. The environment was unhealthy, pay was little. Even children were slaves to the system. In time, unions came into existence. Employers had to lower hours worked, give better pay and an improve the work environment. It proved a godsend.

However, through the years, unions have become more powerful. Dues must be paid, members must attend meetings. It’s obvious the heads of these unions receive a sizeable income — way above the average citizen. As for our president, unions donated money toward his candidacy. And, just think, members are not only required to pay dues but are told who to vote for.

Also, it has been said that a union member is requested to work slower, making the project take longer to complete. One could reason this to be a form of cheating the company.

A few years ago, a conservative group met in the nation’s capital. A union organization met in the city at the same time. Was it a matter of intimidation? When each organization prepared to depart, the conservative group cleared its area of debris. The union group left behind an astounding amount of debris. A picture showing the two sites was seen on TV. City employees were paid overtime to clean the mess.

All this leads one to believe unions have outlived their original purpose. They appear to be more politically minded rather than work-ethic minded! They have catered to a president who appears to be willing to side with them in their endeavors, even if they continue to cause destruction of others’ property while in striking mode when they demand a pay raise.

The question is, why shouldn’t one be able to work without having to join a union? I believe in one’s right to work. A right to work in a position the individual can contribute improvement toward his company, thus helping it to grow. That means more employees and allows the individual to be proud of self.

Jean D. Bradford, Luray