Letter to the Editor: Vote for Mary Daniel


As the former chairman and three term vice-chair of the Frederick County Democratic Party, I am proud to endorse Mary Daniel for 33rd District state delegate. I have had the great pleasure to call Mary my friend since we were small children. We went to the same elementary, middle and high schools together. She has matured into a wonderful, loving, strong and intelligent woman we all could be proud to represent us in Richmond.

Mary grew up on her family’s farm, three blocks from my parent’s home. So not only was she a classmate growing up but also a neighbor. The Mary I remember was a fun loving, dirty-faced little girl who was never too busy for a bike ride or a game of tag in her daddy’s cow pasture. I still see that little girl every time we meet.

Mary’s parents, Lewis and Joy Costell, instilled into her a farmer’s values of hard work, honesty, love of community and love of the land. Those are the same values so desperately needed in Richmond today.

Lewis and Joy taught her and her siblings that only through humility and compassion for our fellows can true greatness be achieved. Holding true to these principles, Mary has excelled at every endeavor she has undertaken. As a prosecutor she worked tirelessly to keep our communities safe to raise our children. As a member of the Blue Ridge Legal Services she made sure our legal system serves all Virginians fairly, regardless of their means or station in life. As Berryville Town Council member she was always pushing education and transportation to the forefront.

I am so proud to endorse my friend Mary, not only because of the fore mentioned reasons but because she has never strayed from the principles that have shaped her into the leader that she has become today. She hasn’t traded her ideals for ideology or her heroes for gold. She is still a simple farmer’s daughter. She is her father’s daughter. I ask you to please vote for Mary Daniel. Thank you.

Bill C. Dodson, Stephens City