Letters to the Editor: Oak trees are too close to the county courthouse


I had the pleasure of visiting our new county courthouse this morning and took notice of the landscaping.

I noticed that there are two oak trees that are planted right next to the building. I mean “really? Anyone who has oak trees around them know that they have a history of reaching great heights and spreading out. There are other trees planted that are really too close, but I was floored by these oak trees.

Unless the landscaping company is banking on them not reaching maturity (having to be rehired to plant another pair of trees or all of them), then in the future, these trees will most likely become a problem by damaging this building from their growth.
Until this happens, then the problem with the trees will be the leaves falling and staining the lily-white cement walkways.

These trees should have been placed further out in the parking lot as to give some relief to cars parked in the afternoon sun. I could be wrong, but was there any thought put into the planning of it all.

Carrie Plauger, Fort Valley