Editorial: Innocent until proven guilty

Nicole Dawn Miller of Woodstock is accused of killing her fiance’s young son in June. This week, the Shenandoah County commonwealth’s attorney filed a notice of intent to seek the death penalty.

If the commonwealth’s case against her is actually strong enough to be successfully tried as a death penalty case and Miller is found guilty, she could become the 41st woman in the last 100 years to be executed in the United States.

Many local readers have posted comments on news stories at nvdaily.com and on Facebook about this case. Some have lamented the death of a beautiful child. Many more have lashed out with hateful, condemning words against the suspect, despite the fact that guilt has not yet been established.

The raw anger in this case is palpable, and one can only assume it will grow as national print and television news outlets pick up the story. The spotlight may be about to shine on Woodstock.