Editorial: Wanted: Someone with passion for history

Wayside Inn is on the auction block, again.

The building, located on U.S. Route 11 in the heart of Middletown, has been in use as an inn and restaurant since the late 1700s. It was sold at auction in April 2009, several months after the death of former owner Leo Bernstein, and then reopened for a few years to guests, diners and ghost hunters.

This tiny town has taken a few hard hits over the years – the inn was closed and put back on the market last year, Route 11 Potato Chips moved its plant from an old feed store in Middletown to Mount Jackson in 2008, and Wayside Theatre – the state’s second oldest theater, closed this past August to the anguish of live theater-goers.

Town residents may be hoping that the historic inn will be sold on Oct. 16 to a buyer with a passion for history and a bucket of white exterior paint. We would like to see the inn’s parking lot full of cars and local employees serving area residents and guests there once again.