Editorial: Stop. Think before you drive away

A crash that killed a local school teacher and left her family, friends and students reeling from her death last year should never have happened.

The woman who caused the crash pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter this week. She received three years in prison – all suspended, three years of probation, and was ordered to take someone with her whenever she visits a medical facility. Why? It seems she has a history of fainting when around needles. Shortly before the fatal crash, she had Botox injections in her face at a medical clinic.

Daily readers who read the news story about this case expressed their outrage on Wednesday. One reader noted, “This just boggles the mind! It’s not like wrinkles and crow’s feet are life threatening — except for other drivers on the road after her treatments. She ended someone’s life because of vanity…” Other readers called the outcome of the case a “disgusting display of our judicial system” and “she ended another woman’s life and she gets probation, that’s ridiculous.”

Doesn’t it seem logical that if you know you have a medical condition, or if you’ve been drinking, taking medication that makes you drowsy, or drugs that get you high, that you should not get behind the wheel of a machine that could do so much damage to yourself and to others? Think about this tragedy the next time you get into the driver’s seat.