Letter to the Editor: Colin Harris will hold Richmond accountable


Colin Harris will fight the extremist Richmond overreach.

His opponent Michael Webert voted for a law to take power from our local school boards, to let a group of politicians decide what our kids need.

Webert voted for a bill that would ban common forms of birth control for women, and could force police to investigate women who have had a miscarriage.

He even voted for the well publicized transvaginal ultrasound bill. When interviewed about his vote, he stated “I thought it meant, jelly on the belly.” Did he not read the bill or is he playing political games with women’s health?

Colin Harris will hold Richmond and Webert accountable. Harris will fight for local control of zoning and of our schools, and keep government out of our private lives. Harris will fight the Richmond overreach and give power back to the people … not the politicians.

Ted Stengel, Warrenton Va.