Letter to the Editor: Drivers need to use caution, share road


As a runner/jogger in northwestern Warren County, I’m concerned with the lack of caution and consideration for pedestrians by drivers on these rural roads.

I drive these roads daily myself, so I also have a driver’s perspective. I try to be the kind of pedestrian I like to see as a driver — I move over to the edge, or step off the road at a curve or hill.

You would not believe how many cars continue by me at the same speed and do not move over — sometimes throwing road debris on me as they pass! I understand them not moving over on a curve or hill, but I cannot understand why they don’t reduce their speed.

Ironically, these drivers would probably almost stop if I was a deer or other animal that would damage their car if hit.

These are unlined secondary roads that should be traveled with extra caution. However, because the drivers I’m referring to are regulars that I see almost every time I’m out, they’ve become less cautious and way too sure of themselves and the environment. I think they are failing to consider the scenarios that could result in an accident — an animal could dart in front of them causing a reflexive avoidance move, the pedestrian could trip, etc.

Drivers should think of the pedestrian situation as being as unpredictable as a wild animal, but the repercussions of hitting the pedestrian will be far greater and life-changing than a dent in your car.

I know some of you will say “get a treadmill.” I have one, I don’t like it, and I think we need to learn to share the road. I’m not running on 522 or 11; these are roads where folks should be able to take a leisurely walk with the family. We’re all pedestrians at some point; try to be the kind of driver you’d like to encounter as a pedestrian.

Laura B. Walker, Middletown