Letter to the Editor: ‘Evil’ sits in Oval Office, not at Speaker’s podium


Andy Schmookler’s fascinatingly bold proclamation that there is an “adverse shift between good and evil” in this country (on Monday’s Opinion page) would qualify as an Onion parody had he not been so obvious in his predictable earnestness.

Schmookler bemoans throughout that our Democrat president (“good”) finds strong opposition from Republicans (“evil”) — as if the reverse never happens.

Most egregiously, Schmookler misapplies Christian principles to justify an ever-more repressive federal government. By implication: When disagreeing with a political party becoming all the more godless, the godly must be fraudulent. George Orwell would be amused.

Yet this president has continuously made demonstrably false claims about Obamacare as well as about the “economic recovery.” Not one basic promise regarding either has survived reality after five years. Not one.

He has made with increasing frequency bitter and personal negative characterizations of his opponents. His unnecessary personal interjections about race relations have all the more engendered guilt by association and false grievances throughout the culture.

He falsely distracts from the obvious scandals of the IRS, the NSA, and the various failures to submit timely budgets and his selective enforcement of laws as “false and phony.”

He cynically misconstrues the issues of immigration “reform” and the “need” for gun control.

His disconnect with reality over his own Syrian red line, the benefits of the Arab Spring, the benefit to democracy by the Muslim Brotherhood and his unilateral proclamation of an end of the war on terror should be matters of grave concern for all.

Adding his recent claim that raising the debt ceiling doesn’t increase the debt, the totality of his presidency qualifies Obama as the most perfidious leader of any president in our lifetimes.

The incredulous Benghazi lie just 12 months ago was ample warning to us all just six weeks before the election.

Schmookler’s claims are wrong: Any “patriot” would stunt this president’s policies and ways for the ultimate good of the nation.

When honestly applying Schmookler’s own supposed Biblical standard, the unintended result is that it is clear that “evil” sits in the Oval Office and not at the Speaker’s podium.

Dan Flathers, Toms Brook