Letter to the Editor: Harrop is wrong about violent video games


I was quite disappointed in Froma Harrop’s take on those with mental illness and violence in her Sept. 20 article.

If we are to believe what Harrop says that violent video games cause people with some form of mental illness to go out and kill people, then I and everyone with a mental illness would be in jail long ago.

I have a form of autism called Aspergers. I like horror films, crime dramas, have played a few “violent” video games in my time, and listen to heavy metal. All that and I haven’t thought about going out and shooting up a school or a government building, not once.

The difference between most folks with mental illness and the Aaron Alexises and Adam Lanzas of the world is good parenting. Parents teach you the difference between right and wrong and keep an eye on you if you need help.

It is the words of people like Harrop that cause everyday people to think that folks with mental illness are going to “wig out” and kill someone. They aren’t.

People with mental illness are no more likely to kill than a “normal” person.

I would hope that people like Harrop would realize that people with mental illness are trying to live as normal lives as possible and we aren’t the “crazy,” “sick mind[ed]” people she thinks we are.

Dayton T. Uphold, Stephens City