Letter to the Editor: God forbid! What if Obamacare works?


After the Republicans in Congress passed a bill to defund SNAP, they turned to defunding “Obamacare.”

I must admit that I am struck by how much energy the Republicans are putting into trying to stop this new health care legislation. It makes me wonder what in the world they hope to accomplish. I mean, why don’t they just let “Obamacare” do what they say it will do and reap the political benefits. If the country is going to be so ill affected by “Obamacare,” seems to me they would be able to ride the wave of public disgust into a supermajority in the Senate in 2014 and then on into the Whitehouse in 2016. Right?

Then again, maybe they fear something else. Might they be afraid that they will become as unpopular as those politicians who defended the bankers and the rich just prior to the Great Depression and lost all their clout when President Roosevelt and the Democrats changed the rules of the game and created Social Security and reigned in the banks with new regulations?

I mean, what if “Obamacare” worked and the price of a hip replacement in the U.S. (about $80,000 plus the surgeon’s fees) would come down to the price of having one in Brussels (about $14,000). God forbid! Right? We can’t have that now, can we?

I mean, what would happen to those corporations that depend on the profits that hospitals reap? Not to mention the politicians they have bought up.

Michael Cash, Fort Valley