Letter to the Editor: How can we help the homeless in Strasburg?


Something was brought to my attention recently that I have never thought about and readily admit that I am clueless on how to handle the situation at hand. Maybe this will spark an idea from other readers.

Is there a place or facility in or near Strasburg to place a homeless person or maybe a family for perhaps a night? With the four exits from Toms Brook to Middletown, there is definitely a need. So many people travel with only enough funds to reach their destination and when disaster strikes they are literally left out in the cold. I know this is a complex situation to get into, but how about some ideas?

Exit 298 seems to draw more than its fair share of people in need and I am not saying some of these are not there just for the free handout. But that’s not our call in every situation. Our churches offer free meals, there are reasonably priced clothes available on Main Street in Strasburg thanks to The Methodist Church. Grace Church in Middletown offers the same. My question is, what’s a person to do when encountered by this situation?

So much time and effort are spent to make sure we comply with the rules of the dreaded historic district and make sure every brick matches and all shutters are the right color. Let’s focus on a real need. Jesus said the Pharisees were like white washed tombs, clean on the outside but dead on the inside. Strasburg will look good with every building in compliance and neat, but empty. A mannequin looks good and very neat, but is not very productive.

Let’s think about ways to help others.

Earl Cutlip, Strasburg