Letter to the Editor: How did shooter get into Yard with gun?


In regards to the editorial headlined “Why did Yard shooter have a clearance?,” the problem here is not a clearance. The problem is how did he get into the Navy Yard with a weapon? Last I heard was that it was a sawed-off shotgun which is an illegal weapon.

Obviously nobody is doing any checking at the gate. I believe I previously sent a note regarding lack of security at governmental installations. That is the real problem. Contraband can get in and documents can get out. Too much trust just because everybody has a clearance. Cripes, the Rosenbergs had clearances and look what they did.

In regards to the editorial headlined “A disaster of another kind,” Congress loves to send pork back home and they don’t give a fat rat’s behind about how it is spent! Therefore it should come as no surprise that Mississippi is blowing money the way they are.

Bob Brookfield, Wardensville