Letter to the Editor: It’s time to get mad


I think I want to scream but will write this letter instead. I heard something today, said so nonchalantly it disturbed me more than what was said.

“We are a society that just happens to have some bad people in it and we need to protect ourselves from those bad people.”

How about disarming them? Why does the United States of America have more bad people then other civilized countries? It’s nonsense!

Other civilized countries do not have this many mass killings! Why does America? We need to put guns to rest!

Common sense tells us not everyone should own a gun. Did you know most of these killers have gotten their gun legally?

Yes, I agree we will never get rid of bad people in America or this world, but we can stop putting guns in their hands.

Thank you Dr. Janis Orlowski, chief operating officer/chief medical officer at MedStar Washington Hospital Center, for speaking up and saying enough is enough! She is tired of stitching up gun holes. She wants to be put out of business — she and the trauma center she operates.

More doctors need to speak up. Something is wrong with our gun laws and the NRA that protects the rights of people like Aaron Alexis who have a legal right to carry a concealed weapon! We have had 67 mass shootings in America in the past three decades, and the frequency in the past six years is increasing. Time to get mad.

Carol Seabrooke-Jaworski, Front Royal