Letter to the Editor: No confidence in elected officials, money managers, ‘men of God’


A few comments on observations made in Fort Valley — and I’m sure this happens elsewhere:

Two years ago, Shentel erected a phone tower for customers. As I type, they are installing a bigger one beside it. They are supposed to remove the first one built. If the bigger one was built first, then maybe they could have saved thousands of dollars. Duh!

The United States Postal Service built a brand new post office over here and have had glaring lights 24 hours a day. Due to budget cuts at the Postal Service, they are only operating four hours a day, but still have glaring lights 24 hours a day.

These two examples show bad management and poor planning by those put in charge to run them, and the cost will be passed down to the consumer. We all will pay money for their brainless thoughts.

I have always believed we live in a society that the bureaucratic system is “you scratch my back, I will scratch yours” and then place blame on the less knowledgeable if anything goes wrong. If this doesn’t work, then they can also say, “God told me to do it.” This seems to have worked for several politicians who have held the office of the president and those who have run for the office.

I see the rich and powerful thriving on the backs of honest, hard-working individuals — no matter who they have to step on to get there.

In closing, I have lost all confidence in our elected officials — members of both parties, judges, lawyers, money managers, those who call themselves “men of God” and those who have had their palms greased by the “system.”

Danny Plauger, Fort Valley