Letter to the Editor: Decision on attacking Syria is difficult problem


I listened to the debate in England’s House of Commons today and was impressed with both the civility and the content of the arguments made for and against military action again Syria in reprisal for its use of chemical weapons.

The quality of the debate made me wish our Congress would be able to do the same, regardless of whether President Obama calls Congress back into session or not. Also, the quality of the debate expressed the various nuances of this dilemma that are only capable in well thought out positions.

I understand the need to let Assad know that it is against international law and moral norms to use chemical weapons on people, but how to be effective with such military action is another question. I am glad our president is taking a measured approach to this question, and I pray we do not get drawn in to another costly and useless act of war on foreign soil.

I suppose the question is like, “If you know your neighbor is going to shoot someone in his family and you have time to do something to influence, if not stop him, what do you do?”
The British voted not to intervene militarily, at this time. Now, if we see more kids lined up dead, who knows if they will change their minds.

Regardless, this is tough stuff. Assad is clearly a monster for what he has done, like his father before him. How Russia and China can let him continue on his path is beyond me. However, a wrong move here could mean World War III. I pray that does not happen, and I pray for the right decision from our president, in spite of our spineless Congressional leaders who don’t just go ahead and reconvene and debate this issue for us all to hear.

What keeps them from doing that instead of just posturing for their political base?

Michael Cash, Fort Valley