Letter to the Editor: Stop assaulting the traditional family


Recent social events such as Miley Cyrus’ gyrations at the MTV Video Music Awards and the school bus beating of a Florida student have notable commentators lamenting the decline of the traditional family.

Such lamentations, while laudable, are terribly inconsistent. Consider the contradiction in that some of the most passionate are equally animated in their defense of homosexual marriage or adoption — the epitome of the non-traditional family.

Note also their defense of laws weakening parental rights. One wonders how animated they would be to see a return to a six-day business week, allowing families to use the Sabbath as God intended, including spending time with each other. That suggestion of course will be immediately met with accusations of forced values.

While these important discussions are larger than this format allows, can we agree that those lamenting the decline of the traditional family should at the very least stop assaulting it.

William Shifflett, Edinburg