Letter to the Editor: Vote for Cuccinelli this Nov. 5


On Nov. 5, Virginia voters will go to the polls to decide who will become our next governor. Contrary to popular belief, this election is being watched across the nation by the media, the federal government, and many party leaders. It’s a smaller representation of how the nation sits on the political spectrum.

Ken Cuccinelli is pretty far right, but not so much that he finds himself fully aligning with the tea party conservatives. Where as Terry McAuliffe is a prime example of a modern day Democrat who’s environmental, social, and fiscal plans all sound nice until you realize that they will destroy jobs and increase taxes, which by all accounts will not make Virginia happy.

Cuccinelli stands by education reform, which will format our standards of learning into tests that create a better thought process in a student’s mind than a better memory. He stands by Virginia energy sources, and jobs that are being threatened by the federal government. He’s on a pursuit to repeal Obamacare, and keep Medicaid at bay so Virginia’s citizens pay only taxes that are necessary.

Small business will also benefit if Cuccinelli is elected by a proposal to create an “Office for the Small Business Advocate,” which will provide resources to local Virginia businesses to enhance their efficiency. Last but not least, he has been endorsed by The National Rifle Association’s Political Victory Fund for striving to protect our Second Amendment rights, a hot topic this past year.

I cannot say the same for a man who plans to allow the federal government to impose environmental standards on a person’s livelihood, or allow them to socialize our health care system. I also find it rather alarming that billionaire Mayor Bloomberg has led an initiative to enact gun control in states far from his control by indirectly financing Democratic campaigns, such as McAuliffe’s. Don’t forget that with McAuliffe, the state will take control of your children’s schools if they fail, not the parents.

I strongly advise everyone to keep Virginia at the top, Vote Cuccinelli this Nov. 5.

Kyle Gregory Ford, Woodstock