Letter to the Editor: Vote for LaRock, the conservative candidate


I’m going to vote for the fiscal conservative on the ballot this fall, Dave LaRock. I think it’s an easy choice.

We live in a day when the government seems to be addicted to other peoples money. They spend like drunken sailors and then come back for more. They push us to the breaking point.

So now the Democrats want to hire/elect a collections lawyer to make sure they get every last nickel out of taxpayers who are already working hard to make ends meet?

Mary Daniels will bring her unique skill set as a collections attorney to Richmond and help refine their ability to get more of our money, if we elect her. That’s what her party stands for, and while she’s not really talking about what she will or won’t do as delegate, we have
every reason to believe she’ll keep in line with what her party demands. After all, she wasn’t even picked by voters in a primary.

LaRock has promised to do his best to get our tax money back to this area instead of sending it who knows where. I think we ought to give LaRock an opportunity to do that.

Carolyn Leeds, Berryville