Letter to the Editor: What is political strategy to exclude women?


We had a call last night from a political market research company. It was a survey call. They called everyone in Shenandoah County’s Fifth District.

The young lady calling asked me if she could speak to “the male member of our household?” I gave the phone to my husband and listened on the extension as I realized how very odd this call is. The caller asked him if he would be supporting “my opponent” or Marsha Shruntz for Supervisor?

Not only was I insulted as a woman in the 21st century, but it was disrespectful, undignified and unacceptable to exclude any lady of any household. This type of call is rude and promotes discrimination at the very least. It infringes on your right of free speech to keep your vote private.

What is the political strategy to exclude women? The mindset is real: just ask the man about his support, his vote. This is not the first time in Shenandoah County where political female discrimination has reared its ugly head. Documented political comments include “Did you have to go home and do the dishes?” “Your father didn’t spank you enough,” and
whisper campaigns of “can women hold political office and have children?”

Please understand the following: Political candidates have to hire these market research companies and also approve the questions that are asked.

Marsha Shruntz, Strasburg