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Letter to the Editor: Stay out of Syria -- don't repeat past mistakes


America needs to cease its plans for intervention in the Syrian conflict. Bashar al-Assad is an individual figure in a conflict fought by many groups, the majority of whom are interested in destroying our western way of life.

Hypothetically, if a "justifiable" military intervention is followed through, who will we fight for? The opposition -- who is being backed by mujahideen, or the government, which is also being backed by the radical paramilitary Islamists, Hezbollah.

This is not to say that these are the only groups instigating this conflict. They're just two examples of extremist jihadists that we would have to choose between.

We all just need to look back at what happened during the Soviet War in Afghanistan. Our support of the militant guerilla groups helped spawn the al-Qaida that we see today by allowing a power vacuum to form when we adversely supported their fight to gain control of Afghanistan, because the Soviet Union, and Afghani Government didn't align with our interests at the time.

Just remember the saying, "Those who forget the past, are condemned to repeat it," and you will understand how this all could play out in the future.

Kyle Gregory Ford, Woodstock

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