Letters to the Editor: Everyone needs to speak out


Well, the letters to the editor are heating up. That’s a good thing!

I’m a female veteran and everyone needs to speak out. We are the people. First, women’s rights are not having abortions paid for with my taxes. Secondly, call yourself Democratic or Republican, but the parties have overstretched themselves into blurs. I prefer bold black and white and not having to read between the lines.

Who owes who what is not in my best interest — the good ol’ boy system only serves the good ol’e boy system! When our men and women decide its fine by them to die for their country and take the oath in our military, it’s between only them and their faith. That is what I expect of elected officials, too. You take an oath, it’s between you and God.

Representatives are there to represent their constituents, each and every one of them. It’s supposed to be a position of roll up your sleeves and sacrifice for your country, not pat and pad. Cindy Bailey of Woodstock and Marsha Shruntz of Toms Brook/Maurertown are perfect examples of doing what needs to be done and ready for the sacrifice — not a party!

Rex Ingram, Maurertown