Why do 3.8 million have to suffer?


Seems FOX News and the Republicans have made food stamp recipient and California surfer Jason Greenslate the face of how to misuse the one program that helps feed poor children, veterans, military families, disabled and old people in this country. Good for them!

I am glad to know that they have rooted out this kid and put him in his place. He should not receive food stamps! Period! So, having succeeded in that, which took some doing, I’m sure, they now want to stop 3.8 million more folks from using food stamps?

Wait! Where is the evidence that the rest of these folks are doing the same thing as the surfer kid? This was a big investigation by a big “news” company, and they found one surfer kid? And because of this one kid, 3.8 million folks have to suffer?

Dude! You gotta be kidding me! Surel