Reader Commentary: Does the Bible or notion of a God make sense?

By Roy Mullins

I was raised in the Baptist church and had the fear of God instilled in me at a young age. I was taught the word of Jesus Christ throughout my childhood and into my adult years.

As time passed, none of what I had been taught seemed to make sense to me anymore, and as I grew so did my doubts about the religion I had been raised on.

I decided I needed to research everything I could get my hands on regarding the subject so that I could come to my own conclusions. The deeper I delved into the material, the clearer it seemed to all became. I began to see things from a different perspective. I began to read between the lines of the Bible to try and get to the heart of what the author may have been writing about.

You must remember that the ancient Old Testament prophets as well as the people of during the time of Jesus knew absolutely nothing about technology. These were simple people who were just trying to write about their experiences the best way they could, but based on their primitive knowledge of the world they mistakenly took natural occurrences or perhaps even some form of alien technology for divine power.

I feel it would be ignorant to ignore the possibility that there is other life in the universe and that quite possibly our culture and even our evolution may have been guided by them. There is a growing movement not only in America but in the world of people who feel we evolved over time, but that our evolution at some point had been influenced by alien intervention.

It was initially thought that the human genome contained 100,000 to 140,000 genes, but upon completion of its mapping it was realized that it only contained about 30,000. Human genes were found to be 99 percnet accurate to chimpanzees and 70 percent accurate to the common mouse, and were also found to be identical to the genes of plants, fungi and yeast. These tests helped the scientists confirm that all life on Earth shares the same DNA.

The theory of evolution had finally been proven except for one baffling discovery. They found that the human genome contained 223 genes that absolutely DO NOT match any gene found in any other species that have ever lived on this planet. How did man acquire these sets of genes? If they did not come from any earthly predecessor, then where did they come from? Something clearly had happened.

At some point in our evolutionary process there was an influx of alien DNA (when I say alien I mean not of this Earth) which took us to a higher evolutionary level. Alien intervention theory really began to take hold upon the publication of Erich Von Daniken’s “Chariots of the Gods.” In his book Von Daniken showed us the possibility of alien intervention in the building of certain structures across the globe.

In 1976 another book was published title, “The Twelfth Planet” by Zecharia Sitchin that supported and expanded upon Von Daniken’s claim. This new book was based upon the massive library of records of the Sumerians who lived some 5,000, to 6,000 years ago. This primitive tribe had somehow evolved from stone-age living into a rather sophisticated society in a matter of just a few centuries.

The Sumerians recorded their experiences in stone tablet. These tablets told the story of superior alien beings who the Sumerians referred to as gods. They lived among them and had created the Sumerians in their own image (a very familiar story that was written about in the book of Genesis more than 2,000 years later).

This is just one of many theories on how we came to be and no one can know the verifiable truth of what happened in our distant past, but I can say that of all the theories I have studied, the theory of Christianity seems more absurd and illogical to me than any other.

I hope that the human race is in the process of an awakening. Let’s break free from the constraints and confusion that religion thrives upon. No longer should we just accept the absurdity of religious conviction being shoved down our throats with no factual basis whatsoever. It is time to stand up, take the next step in our evolution and ask this one important question. Does the Bible or the notion of a God really make sense?

Roy Mullins is a Front Royal resident.