Editorial: Get a shot, save a life

“Flu shots available” signs are popping up at area pharmacies. That must mean the flu season is upon us again, though you won’t be able to find any updated information on where outbreaks are occurring now thanks to the partial government shutdown.

This was posted on Oct. 8 on the CDC website’s Seasonal Influenza weekly report section:

Influenza surveillance reports for the United States are usually posted online weekly at http://www.cdc.gov/flu/weekly. Due to the lapse in government funding, regular updates to the CDC Influenza web site, including the weekly FluView report and updates to guidance for clinicians, will not be possible.

“CDC will not be routinely analyzing surveillance data nor testing laboratory specimens submitted as part of routine surveillance. Support for outbreak investigations and response to public queries regarding influenza circulation and prevention will be limited during this time. As a result, information regarding influenza activity and appropriate prevention and treatment guidance on this website may not be up to date.

So, we don’t know where the most flu cases are being reported right now, but we can do something to slow the spread of this contagious, deadly disease in our area.

Be a good citizen. Get your flu shot. The more people who are immunized means that the flu won’t spread as quickly through our community.