Editorial: Keep the kids safe tonight

Thousands of children will be out and about after dark this week, enjoying Halloween. Though some will be doing their best to scare the wits out of younger children — and adults — let’s ensure trick or treating is pure fun for the kids.

Of course, many moms and dads worry someone will give their children candy containing poison, crushed glass or some other harmful substance. While prudence in that regard is good, such occurrences are exceedingly rare.

Traffic is a more serious hazard. Children in costumes that restrict their vision and hearing and sometimes make them hard to spot after dark will be on city streets and rural roads by the thousands this week.

Parents can help keep children safe by going trick or treating with them.

But the burden of avoiding accidents falls on motorists. If you plan to be driving a car or truck in the midst of trick or treaters, please take your usual caution and double it. It takes just a second’s inattention or, perhaps, speed just a few miles an hour too fast for a driver to hit a child running out onto a street from between parked cars.

Please, help keep the kids safe this Halloween.