Editorial: Remember the ‘V’ when planting a tree

A story recently in the Daily pointed out an eyesore that some of you may not have noticed, unless it’s on your property.

The next time you take a drive down a tree-lined street, look up. You may see a “V” cut into the trees. That’s done by a crew hired by a utility company.

Trimming vegetation away from power lines is a necessity. Nobody wants the inconvenience of a power outage, which can occur when tree limbs fall on the lines. But those “Vs” are just plain ugly, especially when the trimmer gets a little carried away and cuts a wide “V.”

Once you see a “V,” you will see another, and another. That scar, once noticed and remembered, will spoil your view of what could have been a lovely tree, especially at this time of year, when the leaves are starting to turn brilliant shades of red, yellow and orange.

So, remember the “V” the next time you plant a tree. If there are power distribution lines overhead, or if it’s near a transmission line, you may want to move it to a better spot.