Letter to the Editor: We need to defend our culture of marriage


Virginia’s marriage amendment to our Constitution is being challenged in court. The amendment passed with 57 percent of the popular vote. Virginians concluded that, if affection and consent are the only criteria for a marital relationship, then any kind of consensual union should be permitted, including polygamy, polyandry, and other types of marital relationships.

The fight to defend our culture of marriage is a fight for the identity and destiny of our nation.

A lawsuit is pending before the courts in North Carolina to strike down that state’s marriage amendment which passed with 61 percent of the popular vote. North Carolina’s attorney general, whose task is to defend the voters’ will, compromised his integrity as attorney general by headlining a fund-raising event for a group that wants courts to strike down their marriage law. A North Carolina County registrar of deeds also announced that he would begin accepting same-sex couples’ marriage license applications.

This well-funded orchestration of events in North Carolina was planned and executed by the group Campaign for Southern Equality. They are fishing for county-level officials in states like North Carolina to break their oath of office. The strong majority of North Carolina voters, who supported marriage between one man and one woman, are now in danger of being silenced by two elected politicians indebted to a well-financed special interest group.

California’s attorney general and governor also refused to defend their marriage amendment and same sex-marriage is in full effect there, despite the vote of the people. This move is being seen in other states. The lawless destruction of democracy is spreading across our country. Founding Father Benjamin Franklin announced after the Constitutional Convention that we had “a republic — if you can keep it!”

We must stop this anarchy and lawlessness and restore order to our democracy. Vote for Mark Obenshain for attorney general to defend our laws in Richmond! Vote for E.W. Jackson for lieutenant governor to break the 20-20 ties in the Senate. Vote for Ken Cuccinelli for governor on Nov. 5 to stop those seeking to destroy our Democratic order.

Janet Ferguson, Edinburg