Letter to the Editor: Vote for Shaffer, Morris


Successful leaders can share authority, not bully and intimidate their way to the top. Successful leaders who demonstrate empathy, trust and respect are effective leaders. Cindy Bailey is not a leader. By turning down the forum invitation from the Shenandoah County Education Association, Farm Bureau and the county Chamber of Commerce, she has again exhibited how disrespectful she is toward educators, parents, farmers, and our business community. Bailey is a one-issue candidate, supporting the sheriff’s department no matter the cost.

Bailey touts herself as honest and independent who is free from agendas, while being so intimately tied to one issue in one department. She says she will not raise taxes. I would like to share what that means to our county:
• No investment in our educators (our school system is already underfunded by $6 million)
• No investment in our children
• No additional fire and rescue personnel who will respond to our increasing number of emergency calls as our volunteer numbers continue to dwindle
• No investment in our landfill, which will need a new trash cell beginning next year
• No pay raise for county employees for the sixth year, and a continued hiring freeze
• Loss of jobs, plain and simple, because at this point in the budget this board has been extremely conservative in its spending and to reduce spending any more means loss of jobs for our neighbors and friends.
• Simply put, no investment in Shenandoah County!

These are not threats if taxes are not raised or even considered. This is reality!

Bailey does not represent the values or the vision of the educated, hard-working citizens of our county. She and her handful of loud supporters represent a substandard, undervalued and underfunded experience for you and your family. She insults our intelligence and attacks and bullies anyone who does not believe as she does.

If you believe in a better future for Shenandoah County and your family, if you support our schools, our current way of living, and want things to continue to improve, vote for Steve Shaffer and Dennis Morris.

Sharon Baroncelli, Woodstock