Letter to the editor: Vote for Dennis Morris


Having lived and been active in our county for the last 50 years, I think Dennis Morris is the best candidate for supervisor in District 5. He knows the people and has extensive experience in handling public affairs. This sets him apart from his opponent and I am confident Dennis will continue to work hard for what is best for the county and also the town he represents.

Good business sense is an important qualification for a member of the Board of Supervisors because county government is big business. Morris always has time to talk with you if you have a problem and he is very pro-business.

Anyone that knows Morris, knows how conservative he is. He has worked to keep our tax rate low — the lowest of any surrounding county by 4 cents. Shenandoah County’s debt service is also the lowest of any neighboring county and over $1,000 less than the state average. He always works hard to get the maximum benefit out of the dollars spent.

Morris has always been very supportive of public education in the county and even spent a day last year in the classroom himself talking to faculty and staff members at the school. He has worked hard to promote public safety both for the sheriff’s and the fire and rescue departments. He has worked with both paid and volunteer staffs at respective fire and rescue halls. He has provided leadership in the area of agriculture to keep Shenandoah County rural like the comprehensive plan suggests.

I hope you will vote for Morris for supervisor in District 5 on Tuesday.

Dee Hockman, Strasburg