Letter to the Editor: Why the concern about Obamacare now?


U.S. Rep. Bob Goodlatte sent me another email, advising me of the glitches in the new health care law website and complaining that members of his Congressional 6th District were calling him about not being able to use the website.

Now, he is concerned about their not being able to get the insurance coverage they need, but just a few weeks ago, he voted many times to defund Obamacare and shut down the government if he did not get his way. Hmm …

Oh, he also told me that even if they can get the website fixed, it will still not help the 15,000 spouses at UPS who can no longer qualify for that company’s insurance. It looks like they are going to be left out in the cold because of Obamacare. Since that sounded kind of heartless for UPS and Obamacare to do, I looked into it to find that, according to UPS, those 15,000 spouses were employed by other companies and qualified for insurance under those plans. Obamacare would not affect their coverage under their employer’s plans.

UPS went further to say that no spouses who were not covered by another employer’s plan were being disqualified from participating in UPS plans. OK. That sounds like a reasonable business decision that does not keep anyone from getting the health insurance they need.

Why is Goodlatte insinuating that Obamacare is hurting these 15,000 people? Makes you wonder doesn’t it?

Michael Cash, Fort Valley