Letter to the Editor: Don’t be fooled


I believe it’s time for voters to do some real soul searching before casting their vote on Tuesday.

For those who are voting for Terry McAuliffe, do you really want an administration reflecting policies of Hillary and Bill Clinton? It is becoming more apparent daily that Hillary Clinton wishes to have Virginia in her column for 2016.

People who say that they will sit out Election Day are in reality casting their vote for the candidate they don’t like. When all the hype is gone, it will be obvious that a candidate like Ken Cuccinelli will serve the fundamental interests of our citizens and a carpetbagger politician such as Terry McAuliffe will not. The financial supporters of McAuliffe have no commitment to Virginia’s ideals or its citizens.

Remember, it’s your right and duty to cast your vote in every election. Hope to see you at the polls on election day.

Beverley H. Fleming, Mount Jackson