Letter to the Editor: Don’t just vote for a name


I think the residents of Shenandoah County have finally been awakened by our current Board of Supervisors. They may be great people, but without question will run this county without listening to public input. Are they smarter than you?

I have seen the same situation in Loudon County. If you notice, it didn’t happen in Clarke County. It doesn’t have to happen here, either. If every project and program gets approved that we don’t need, the average family in this county that also works here will have to get four jobs per household just to survive and pay taxes. They also will never retire.

I am speaking of those not living in Obama’s social world who work for their money. As a supervisor you must put yourself in the shoes of the residents. Most of our supervisors are very well off financially. I condemn no one for that, but they need to remember where the funds come from to support projects.

What is the average income here? I am getting close to poverty level myself. I have lived here for 35 years. I would dare say Shenandoah County may be the greatest affordable place to live on the East Coast. You will not get the chance to see your children have the same experience if the county spends money it doesn’t have.

We need supervisors who will do what’s best for all, not just the chosen few or themselves. It’s our money and we need someone to spend it wisely.

I am in 100 percent in support of preserving agriculture in this county. The development rights program, however, could be a potential train wreck. Most landowners haven’t heard of it. When they do and the almighty dollar and greed come into play, you will have to take a second mortgage to pay taxes. We have programs to control growth. Paying one not to develop is like blackmail. Landowners who want to preserve can do so without tax dollars. Vote for Marsha Shruntz and Cindy Bailey.

Larry Wine, Toms Brook