Letter to the Editor: Elect Bailey, Shruntz in November elections


I support two candidates who will move Shenandoah County in the right direction.

Cindy Bailey, who is running as an independent candidate, is my choice for the District 4 Board of Supervisors position.

Unlike her opponents, Bailey wants to reduce spending and taxes, and she wants to roll up her sleeves and go to work for Shenandoah County’s citizens.

Bailey’s opponent Steve Shaffer, the Republican candidate for District 4 supervisor, says he has “proven leadership.” How can he say he is a proven leader when he hasn’t even proven himself? He has proven to be a great swimming coach to youth of the county, which is great, but what about leading a district of people and making the right decisions for our local businesses? Is he going to just run business out of Shenandoah County like our current Board of Supervisors continues to do? Bailey wants to reduce taxes, spending, and bring business back to Shenandoah County.

The other candidate I support is Marsha Shruntz. She is a true conservative woman with backbone and stamina to stand up for the residents within her district. Shruntz is the independent candidate in District 5, which consists of Maurertown, Toms Brook, Cedar Creek and Lebanon Church. Dennis Morris is her opponent.

Shruntz wants no new spending or increase in taxes. Over the past four years, Morris has voted to increase taxes on Shenandoah County residents. Morris’ signs proclaim “experienced leadership,” but the real experience he has is wasting our tax money.

Morris can’t give you a straight answer when you ask him a question. He responds to your question every time with “I will have to get back with you on that.” Guess what, he never gets back to you. Is that a person that we want making decisions for Shenandoah County?

Shruntz, like Bailey, is ready to stand up and fight for your rights and go to work for you.

I ask that if you want real proven and experienced leadership, vote Bailey and Shruntz on Nov 5!

Matthew Frye, Edinburg