Letter to the Editor: GOP is trying to grow our economy, reduce debt


In his Oct. 3 letter, “Lawmakers are toying with our economy,” Steve Sober makes several unsubstantiated and disjointed statements which in a baffling way resulted in an attack on the GOP and Bob Goodlatte for “…squatting in the House of Representatives at the control of its intellectual giants…” Democrats squatting in the Senate must be just fine with Sober.

Goodlatte and other GOP lawmakers are trying to protect our economy. The national debt increased from $9 trillion in 2008 to $16 trillion today. Obama and his democratic Senate pals want to increase it more. Welfare spending increased from $400 billion in 2008 to $650 billion in 2011 (estimated $580 billion this year). Since Obama took office, 68 percent more Americans are on food stamps. Obama wants to pay for all this by increasing our taxes. That doesn’t that sound like a healthy economy to me. And don’t try the “Blame it on Bush” game. He’s been gone too long.

It is common sense that continuing to spend and borrow money will not correct America’s economic problems. The GOP recognizes that we cannot continue to “spend, spend, spend” and that the national debt must be addressed now, not later. Goodlatte and his GOP partners are working hard to grow our economy, reduce debt, and balance the budget. That’s not toying with our economy. It’s doing the right thing.

Fred Hughes, Woodstock