Letter to the Editor: GOP orchestrated last-minute forum


On March 25, the Shenandoah County Republican Women held a “Meet the Candidates” forum at the Toms Brook School. Shenandoah County Supervisor Dennis Morris did not attend.

In July 2013, Morris, who is running for reelection in District 5, was contacted by a local website with a request for profile information. After multiple email requests and a telephone call from the editor, he did not reply.

In August 2013, Morris received several requests from the website for his position on a variety of issues. He did not reply.

In the last few weeks, media have requested positions from all candidates. Morris answered with “people know where I stand” rather than address the questions.

Now, two weeks before the election, it appears to us that Morris and county Supervisor David Ferguson have attempted to orchestrate a last-minute forum.

Last week the county Republican Party held a meeting at the new courthouse. Ferguson, who is the Shenandoah County Republican Committee chairman, managed to alienate part of their members by voting to go into closed session.

Ferguson suggested that there were some in attendance who were supporting the independent candidates and since they were going into closed session to discuss the upcoming local election those people should leave. The closed door session would later be described as a strategic meeting regarding the local election, and the forum was mentioned.

District 4 candidate Cindy Bailey and I, a District 5 candidate, have prior commitments and declined the invitation to the forum before the organizer’s press release. Bailey and I have worked tirelessly to garner constituent support and provide detailed information on a wide variety of issues.

We have attended board meetings and work sessions advocating for fiscal responsibility and budgetary restraint. We will continue our work for “your vote” on the path to win seats on the Board of Supervisors. The next few weeks are filled with campaign commitments and deadlines for both of us. Working together and combining many campaign efforts, we want to show the people in our respective districts how we can work for them not against them.

Marsha Shruntz, Strasburg