Letter to the Editor: Support Shruntz, Bailey


The outpouring of support we are witnessing for candidates for the Board of Supervisors, Cindy Bailey and Marsha Shruntz is due in large part to the honesty of their campaign and their simple pledge of reduced spending and no new taxes.

Both of these candidates have put forth positive campaigns that have addressed the issues with a down to earth conversation with the voters in their respective districts. They are not career politicians hiding behind a party label and a meaningless slogan. Instead, they are citizens who agree that the establishment candidates do not generate a feeling of confidence or trust.

We are indeed fortunate to have a clear choice in this election. We can re-elect more of the same, or choose a course that discusses openly and critically the requests for more spending and more taxation.

The efforts of candidates Shruntz and Bailey in this campaign are commendable and deserving of the voters’ support on Nov. 5.

Bob Wakeman, Maurertown