Letter to the Editor: I trust Dennis Morris with county affairs


In regards to the upcoming Shenandoah County election, I wish to make the following comments. I read with interest and somewhat disappointment what some candidates have to say especially, about their opponent.

I hope you have noticed that Dennis Morris has not made any negative comments about his opponent nor has he made promises that can or cannot be kept. An old Native American saying goes like this, “may I not judge my brother until I have walked a mile in his moccasins.”

Unless you can see inside another’s heart, you really don’t know the facts. Having known Morris for many years, I fully trust him with the affairs in dealing with Shenandoah County.

Now, please don’t read something into these next statements that is not there. A good Christian does not have to make statements about another in order to make themselves look better in his or her eye or other’s for that matter. We are called to be like Jesus as much as is possible with a human heart. Jesus was silent on his way to the cross and we are to be just that under criticism for another. No, I am not comparing Morris with Jesus, but I think he is a Christian at heart and does what he thinks is best for our county.

Earl Cutlip, Strasburg